Friday, September 19, 2008

Pick me, Redneck Mommy!

Tanis Miller, creator and genius behind one of my favourite blogs, The Redneck Mommyis randomly giving away a brand new digital camera on her website (yeah, she's way cooler than I will ever be). If you stop by her site and say hello or, better yet, briefly post about your favourite concert-going experience, she'll enter you in a draw for said camera.

Wayward_Yankee dusted off his laptop and beat me to it, as comment # 292 belongs to him:


The best concert I’ve ever been at was Joan Jett and her manager, Kenny Leguna (from the 60’s band Tommy and the Shondells). They were rocking it live at K2, Uzbekistan.

Let me tell you, nothing beats the intensity of standing among a hanger full of sweating, smelly, overworked and homesick soldiers who are all yelling “I LOVE ROCK N’ ROLL!”

And yes, I had a camera there. Actually, my job was to take the pictures.

Meanwhile, a little later at comment # 301, you'll find my little contribution to the digital camera lottery:

You know that wristband lottery method of selling tickets to concerts? Well, once, just once, I was lucky enough to be picked to go to the front of the line and have first choice for available seats….. to a George Strait concert!! Yeah, baby.

So naturally I chose front row centre and then had a friend take photos of me at the concert, standing in front of the stage with ol’ George singing a mere 2 ft. behind me.

Oh, and I got to shake his hand. *giggle*

(Totally made up for all those years of sitting in the nose bleed sections and ‘enjoying’ concerts through the use of my binoculars.)

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