Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Frugal fantasies

My husband sent me this notice in my e-mail last week suggesting I should explore the frugal tendencies of Donna Freedman:

This woman is SO you, and I think you should write a blog about her, or better yet, start writing your own book on this subject:

A day in the (frugal) life - By Donna Freedman


Later when my husband called me from work to see if I read the article, he conceded that I wasn't as extreme as this author but, with a little effort, I could be. So I said sure, I would look at taking her book out of the library the next time I was there. And my husband's response?

"Yeah, don't BUY her book, BORROW it from the library!"

Haha... ummm.... should I be proud or ashamed here??

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