Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day scrooges


" I hate Valentine's Day. And I hate Cupid... stupid fat baby going around shooting people with a bow and arrow."
Reba Hart, from Reba

While many opinions exist as to the origin of St. Valentine's Day, it's modern day existance serves to bring out only the best in my husband.... and the gag-reflex in others. 

I admit, until I met my husband, I used to be one of those grumps. You know who they are: They sneer at anything overly sweet or romantic. They roll their eyes at couples showing any sort of affection in public. They grunt and simply walk away when coworkers greet them with a "Happy Valentine's Day!" They are the modern day Valentine's Day Scrooges. 

Okay, so while I was never a real Scrooge, I just hated everything to do with Valentine's Day. And it was all because I was single. All this day ever served to do was remind me that, while others were engaging in romantic bliss, I was alone... so very alone. 

One of my former employers recognized this in many of her employees, so she arranged for all the female staff members to receive a single red rose at work each Valentine's Day, which I thought was a really nice touch. Even though it wasn't coming from a boyfriend/spouse/significant other, that rose made me feel special and helped take away some of the bitterness I felt towards everyone else receiving gifts on that day.

Thankfully, though, I won't ever have to feel that way again. This year my husband has made Valentine's Day a week-long event. It started with a bouquet of yellow daffodils (my favourite flower) and three red roses. Then came the surprise (hand-delivered at my work) "Haley the Kissing Hedgehog". Then the heart-shaped candies and rose-shaped candles. Then the hair straightener (something I've wanted for a long time but would never buy for myself). And finally a heart-shaped ice cream cake (see photo above) and heart-shaped pizzas for dinner. 

Between Christmas, my birthday, and Valentine's Day, I've been showered with attention from my husband over the last month and a half. And while I'll never forget how awful it felt to be alone on this day all those years ago, I've happily put it behind me and will forever be grateful for the relationship I have now.

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