Thursday, January 10, 2008

We have a ghost!

After a long, busy day, I went to bed and quickly fell asleep at around 9:30 last night, but shortly thereafter, I was awakened by the sound of some rummaging in the other room. Assuming it was my husband, I called out to him. But, of course, there was no response.

Thinking I was just delirious -- partly from exhaustion and partly from the glass of wine I had before bed  -- I shrugged it off and figured I was hearing things. 

But then I heard it again. And then again. 

By now I was fully awake and sitting up in bed. At first it sounded like someone was moving things around, and then it was as if someone was getting up off the couch. I repeatedly called for my husband, but all I heard in response was more shuffling. 

Finally, I heard my husband at the stairs coming to bed. I explained to him what happened, and he assured me there was no one else in the other room. But he also shared with me that, if we do have a ghost, it would explain why he sometimes finds our touch-lamp turned on during the day when supposedly no one is at home. I was not impressed.

Furthermore, he shared with me the story of his mother's 100+ year old home that has a toilet sometimes flush on it's own for no explainable reason. No explainable reason other than a ghost, that is.  Regardless, he reassured me that most ghosts are "benign" anyway and that it was probably our cold pipes in winter making all that noise.

Hoping he was right, I decided to just let it go.

But while brushing his teeth, my husband quickly exited the washroom and returned to the bedroom -- toothbrush in hand -- just a few minutes later.

"Did you hear that? It sounded like someone bumping into things."

"Yeah, I heard it,"  I responded. "But I thought it was you."

"Babe, I think we need to take turns sleeping in shifts tonight."

Needless to say, we were (are) both more than a little spooked by this. Here's hoping our ghost is one of those benign entities my husband spoke about.

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