Monday, November 26, 2007

Who is this stranger stoking our fire? Chan.nel - noun - a place for a domestic fire to be aired repeatedly on television during the Christmas season; is often set to music (read: Christmas carols) and brings hours of endless pleasure to its viewers

You know it's winter in Edmonton when local TV starts airing the Fireplace Channel, which has developed a cult-like following of sorts. Everybody watches it, and everybody has a story to tell as it relates to the annual Yule logs.

A few years ago I even heard, secondhand, that one of my cousins tuned in for so long that he actually saw someone add another log to the fire. But I wasn't buying it. His story reminded me of the tall tales I used to hear from children when I took them out on nature hikes during one of my summer jobs. ("...And this one time... in my backyard... I saw this pterodactyl..."). You get my drift.

But then it happened. Late Saturday night my husband and I sat mesmerized, staring into the brilliant flames as though they were actually in our home, when all of a sudden a plaid-laden arm reached in with a poker stick and adjusted the logs. And then he even tossed on another for good measure.

So yes, he really does exist... unlike that pterodactyl.


** UPDATE **

December 12, 2007

The following was an excerpt in today's Culture Venting of the Edmonton Journal:

- I knew the writers strike was taking its toll on TV programming when my wife got excited watching the Yule fire log on Channel 11 and called out, "Honey, come and see, he's putting a log on the fire!"

So you see, my husband and I aren't the only couple in the city obsessed with this guy!

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