Sunday, November 18, 2007

Potsdam's five minutes of fame

You know how giddy Canadians can get whenever Canada is mentioned on American television or in movies? Well that was how my husband felt last night when his humble hometown of Potsdam, New York, got a plug during CBC's Hockey Night In Canada broadcast.

Following a disappointing loss by the Edmonton Oilers to the Calgary Flames, Ron MacLean and friends interviewed Flames player Craig Conroy, who just happens to share the same hometown as my husband. 

"See, it's not just a little town in the middle of nowhere -- it made it on Hockey Night In Canada. Even Sergie's restaurant in Little Italy got a plug!"

Yes, we had a pretty excited household last night. And if it hadn't been almost 1 a.m. EST, my husband would have called his family back home to tell them the news. They made it on the CBC.

If you're interested, Jo Ann Lawery's article is a couple years old and filled with some typographical errors (read: Pottsdam), but you can learn more in here about "Craig Conroy - Pride of Potsdam, New York." 

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